One of best psychedelic music ever

Since the cataclysmic, interstellar collision of music and videos, people everywhere have been treated to the unparalleled experience of audio visual perfection. This explosion of multiple forms of artistry interacting, interweaving and interrelating has led to some of the most expressive and impactful few minutes that have ever been spent.
I conceit, perhaps I’m getting a little excited about music videos but when I sat down and thought about it I was increasingly impressed, mesmerised and inspired by the medium of music videos – and they are only getting better.
With the unforeseen global takeover that is Youtube, music videos are more expressive and more accessible than ever before. Thus we are delving into our five favourite psychedelic music videos of all time. On this list we have attempted to draw mostly from the new so that our judgement isn’t clouded by nostalgia. Also we have taken into account the quality of the song as much as the quality of the video as it is a bundled experience.

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